About us

The Days of Speed and Thunder are organised by enthusiasts from the international model aeroplane scene. Here pulsejets are literally flown “Speed and Thunder”. This event is unique in Europe – therefore, pilots arrive not only from the whole of Germany, but from all over Europe including Austria, Holland, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. In addition, this annual Pulsejet Get-Together regularly draws pilots from beyond Europe to Rothenburg, for example from Australia and Brazil.

15 years of “Days of Speed and Thunder”

How did it all begin?

In 2004, a few laser welders built pulse tubes according to old records. These pipes were then demonstrated on the jet power. As more and more interested people stopped at the booth, the idea came up to call a meeting in which these pipes are demonstrated and flown.

The first event

In 2006, the first pulse meeting took place at the EDBR in Rothenburg / Oberlausitz. Even then, pilots from Switzerland and the Netherlands were there. Meanwhile, the event has become a worldwide meeting of Pulso interested model aircraft established.

Event coordinators

Hubert Leubner

Hubert Leubner

Involved from the start and the main organizer of the event.
Volker Wollert

Volker Wollert

Head of Flight Operations Model Aircraft and Air Traffic Control at the EDBR in Rothenburg
Marion Ochmann

Marion Ochmann

Aviation Supervisor of the airfield EDBR in Rothenburg

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