Hall of Flame

Here we present all pilots of the Days of Speed ​​and Thunder with their models including the technical data
IMG 2159

Peter Andresen – Germany

Model: Delta Däwo Wingspan: 100 cm Length without pulsejet: 122 cm Weight: 4,5 Kg Drive: 75er...
IMG 2169

Bernd Matthiesen – Germany

Model: He-162 Salamander Wingspan: 130 cm Length without pulsejet: 150 cm Weight: 6,8 Kg Drive:...
IMG 2177

Fabian Fischer – Germany

Model: alter Skyburner Wingspan: 105 cm Length without pulsejet: 115 cm Weight: 4,8 Kg Drive: 75er...
IMG 2074

Volker Schwabe – Germany

Model: Skyrunner (Firma Airworld) Wingspan: 100 cm Length without pulsejet: 140 cm Weight: 3,2 Kg...

Christian Schirra – Germany

Model: Salamander He-162 Wingspan: 150 cm Length witout pulsejet: 150 cm Weight: 6,5 Kg without...

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