If you are familiar with the German pulse jet scene, you will have come across the pilots of the Pulsoteam-Jess – who hail from the north of the country – and their perfect flight demonstrations of their Skyburners. Andreas and J├╝rgen have dared to build a Pulso Delta with a 90s pulse tube inside.

This construction method is completely new! The reason is the very high heat that develops when operating a blast jet engine. The design of the Thunderburner with an internal 90s pulse tube is therefore an absolute innovation and shows the possibilities for the development of new pulse jet engine models.

Since the Thunderburner has significant aerodynamic advantages over models with external pulse tubes, higher speeds for such models powered by an internal pulse jet are guaranteed. First test flights and speed measurements with a pitot tube are very positive. All that remains to be seen is whether or not there is a way to fly this model through an FAI compliant meter with accurate speed measurement.

The model Thunderburner is based roughly on the layout of the model by Niels Herbrich, with which he set the Guinness Book World Record in August 2017 with 750 km / h with turbine.