Spectators visiting the Pilot Get-Together of the FMSC Cirrus Oberseifersdorf e.V. were surprised to see a pulsejet-powered model among the model aircraft presented during a flight session in the afternoon.

The weather was great and local pilots as well as pilots from Poland had arrived in Oberseifersdorf in Germany. In the afternoon, Matthias Bettinand and his Heinkel 162 and a 90er Pulsejet put on a great show for spectators and pilots alike.

With so many interesting designs on show, it was a great event througout but the pulsejet flight by Matthias Bettin with the Heinkel 162 was my personal highlight.

In the words of the son of one of my fellow model aircraft pilots, uttered during the pulsejet presentation: ‘That’s so cool, you gonna have to get one, too!’

Especially the spectators were fascinated by the technology of the pulsejet engine. In short, everyone agreed – such a demonstration of a pulsjet-powered aircraft should be part of every air show!